Game 1When scientists unleash a new source of power into the world that acts just like the magic, the world changes. People and animals are mutated into creatures of myths. civilization suffers from massive social upheaval, and secretly cultists and serial killers raise demonic armies to commit genocide against all living things.

The world was consumed by war. Demonic armes marched across every country on the earth. The human race tried to fight back but conventonal weapons were usless against the creatures from the pit. Slowly people developed weapons that could kill the demon invaders and the human race started to fight back.

the war raged for over ten years and every cyvilisation acoss the earth was devistated. billons of people died. when the war finaly came to an end every thing had been wiped out. there was nothing left no cities no goverments even the armies were nothing more than gangs of rag tag survivers.

There was only one organization that had the recorces to rebuild. Mc. Google an international corperation that had been the largest econamy of the world before the war started.

As the world falls apart from war, only the International corporation Mc. Google has the resources to rebuild. quickly Huge Archeologys were built across the globe. Those that are lucky enough be allowed access to a corporate archeology live lives of luxury for those that do not, every day is a struggle.

The player live in the shadow of Eloegoth, A towering corporate archeology. surrounded by the slums and shanty towns built in the ruins of old Las Vages. The refuges that live there hope that one day they will be excepted into the shinning tower in the dessert.

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