List of Bionics


I don’t like the way that bionics are layed out in the D20 future book so I have created new rules for Bionics and a list of available bionics. Bionics grant the character certain feats with out having to have the prerequisites for that feat. This basically means that the character can buy certain feats.

But there is a down side to having large parts of your body removed and replaced with magically enhanced metal. The more Bionics that a character has the more detached from their humanity they become. They start to lose empathy for their fellow man and feel superior to every one that they well they start to think in a more instinctive way loosing the the ability to reason clearly.

To represent this for every bionic component implanted on a character permanently lowers their wisdom, and charisma stat by one point. This point reduction can not be regained in any way except by using character development points when a character reaches a new level.


Basic Bionic limb: The character can *deal 1d4 non subduing damage *with that limb. The basic limb must be purchased before upgrades can be bought.

Bionic arm Upgrade Stabilization: Gives the character the shot on the run feat

Bionic arm Upgrade Reinforcement: Gives the character the power attack feat with that arm.

Bionic hand Upgrade: Gives the character the nimble feat

A character with two Bionic legs automatically gets the run feat. characters must have two bionic legs to buy leg upgrades.

Bionic leg Upgrade Enhanced responses: gives the character the fleet of foot feat.

Bionic leg Upgrade Enhanced power: gives the character the spring attack feat.


Basic Bionic optics: give the characer +2 to their spot skill check

Motion Sensor upgrade: gives blind fighting feat

Target sight upgrade: gives the point blank shot feat

Telescoptic Targeting upgrade: Gives the far shot feat

IFF optic upgrade: gives percise shot feat

The use of sophisticated Bionics was made possible only through the use of magic. The need for giant batteries was done away with by the use of Z circuits.

The next big obstacle that Bionics faced was rejection by the patents immune system. using a combination of healing spells as well as a strange variation of the flesh to stone spell, allowed bionics to be perfectly melded to the body. that way the immune system excepted the bionic component as part of the body.

All Bionics incorporate several spells to operate effectively. To maintain the magical power needed to keep the spells running, every bionic component is encrusted with silver runes. These runes glow with magical power. Also Z circuit boards are necessary to form the magic energies into the desired spell needed to maintain the Bionic part.

Off course this also makes Bionics vulnerable to dispel magic spells that make Bionics completely inert. Because of this military grade Bionics have been ‘hardened’ against dispel magic spells.

List of Bionics

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