Charicter Creation

To create a charicter do not roll the traditional 3D6 insted you start off with 75 points to assine to your six stats any way that you want. when you pick a charicter class only use the hit dice class skills skill points and class features. attack and deffence bonuses and the saveing through bonuses all start at +1 attack and deffence bonuse and +1 to all saving throughs for every charicter.

example: Joe disides that he wants a tough hero so strenght and constatution will be his big states. so he puts 16 points into both. he dosnt want his cahricter to just be a slab of meat so he want his intelagence to be high as well so he puts 13 points into intelagence that leaves him with thirty points left so he sets his wisdome dex and charisma at 10 each.

When a charicter reaches a new level they get 4 development points to spend on their charicter. they can raise their attack or defence bounus by one for one point each. they can raise any of their saving throughs up to two points per level. by spending one point for every point a saving through is raised. and finaly they can raise any of their stats bu spending 2 points for every one point a satat is increased.

example: Joe has a tough hero that has just reached second level. so he spends one point to reise his attack ponus by one. he spends one point to reais his fortitued saveing through by one, and he spends the last two points to reise his constatution score by one point.

Charicter Creation

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