How Scientists Discovered Magic

Game 22 In the beginning of the twenty first century, physicists theorized that physical reality had to consist of several different dimensions. Physical reality consisted of the first four dimensions, Height, length withe and the electro-magnetic spectrum, including gravity and magnetic fields. As physicists worked to uncover the deeper dimensions of reality it became clear that there was a mathematical necessity of three “higher” dimensions. These dimensions were called positive, negative and change, but were later more actually renamed life, death and chaos.

It was discovered that the effects of the Chaos dimension on physical reality was some how related to radiation. As the research continued they slowly started to understand that radiation was some how connected to A strange new force previously unknown. Soon they realized that this force could be used to preform a wide array of strange, almost unexplainable effects. When the knowledge of this new power leaked to the world It was dubbed magic by the press.

As they learned how to tap into this strange power scientists learned about beings in other dimensions and how to communicate with them and how to use “magic” to cast spell like effects. One of the leading research groups experimenting with “magic” The Pandora Group discovered what they called the cork. It was some sort of “magical” barrier that severely limited the flow of “magic” into physical reality. In secret rituals the Pandora group broke that barrier and that is when civilization dramatically changed.

A wave of “magic” rolled across the globe warping and mutating animals and people. Over night strange mythical creatures like dragons and unicorns were created. as well people were mutated into new races like elves dworves and orks. Fear and panic griped the human race. Deadly creatures clammed the country side and in the cities race riots erupted across the globe.

How Scientists Discovered Magic

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