Magic Technology Fusion

The first and most dramatic effect that magic had on the every day man was as a power source. this did not happen over night but eventually a reliable way to harness magic to provide power was discovered.

The first attempts to create a magical engine consisted of trapping a fire and water elemental together in a reactor core. The result was a lot of steam that could be used to run an electric dynamo. Unfortunately locking a fire and water elemental together is not only extremely dangerous but very volital.

The first reliable non-explosive magic power source came when Electrical elementals were discovered. It took about three seconds for the implication of living thing consisting of pure electricity to set in. By the thousands Electrical elementals were trapped in reactor cores of every thing form cars to flash lights, completly replacing oil.

The development of the Z Circuit was the next big brake through in magical technology

The medical field was hugely impacted by the discovery of magic. Invasive surgeries were replaced with healing spells. now doctors could preform miracle healing just by “laying of hands” The two biggest technical inventions that came out of magical healing were Bionics and Slap Patches.

Magic Technology Fusion

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