World War 3 begins

A wave of “magic” rolled across the globe warping and mutating animals and people. Over night strange mythical creatures like dragons and unicorns were created. as well people were mutated into new races like elves dworves and orks. Fear and panic griped the human race. Deadly creatures clammed the country side and in the cities race riots erupted across the globe.

As the human race struggled to deal with the change A conspiracy silently grew in the shadows. Ancient things, filled with hatred for the human race reached out to the dreams of the insane. Serial killers and cult leaders across the globe used dark and forgotten rituals to unleash armies of demons and the dead. World war 3 erupted across the globe. It was not a war of country vs. country but of man vs. Monster.

Standered weapons had little effect on the demonic armies. But magic gave the human race the power to fight. The war lasted for more than 10 years and the human race was nearly exterminated. In the end all of the governments of the earth were devastated. every nation on earth had been destroyed by the war.

The war ended any hatred between humans and the other intelligent races that were created during the “magic” wave created by the Pandora group. But the earth lay in ruins. Only the international corporation Mc. Google, had the resources to rebuild. Giant archeology buildings, that could house hundreds of thousands of people were built all over the globe. People flocked to the archeology’s but not every one was allowed in. Soon those left outside built their own cities in the ruins of pre-war cities.

World War 3 begins

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